What Our Customers Say: Nine Pendants

What Our Customers Say: Nine Pendants

Following their release in September 2020, we wanted to know how our customers are using the Nine Pendants and how they have made a difference to their interior.

Designed to offer customers a ready-made lighting solution for large spaces, the Nine Pendant collection has captured the imagination of our customers and has seen an evolution of how Tala can be used in the home.

From wide and narrow stairways to vaulted ceilings, hallways and landings, this customisable canopy and pendant system allows for a myriad of display options.

Here, we take you through selection of customers who have shared with us their experience of the Nine Pendants:

“After looking at several companies for a special light for our stairs and landing, I came across these pendant lights from Tala and absolutely loved them. I have used Tala previously and their service has been fantastic, I had a slight issue, and it was resolved within hours. The quality of the previous products I have purchased from Tala and my new pendant lights is extremely high.

Everyone who have seen my new pendant lights absolutely love them! I could not recommend Tala highly enough.”

– Ric Thompson

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“When we purchased our new home, I was on the hunt for unique lighting options that you don’t see every day. I found the 9 pendant chandelier and ordered it before I even knew if it could be installed on our sloped ceiling. Customer service came back to me quickly enough to let me know that wouldn’t be a problem, phew!

The next challenge came when we needed to wire for a fixture without tearing apart the wood ceiling, and after months of talking to different contractors and electricians (plus a few emails with your wonderful customer service team along the way), we finally got it installed – WOW!! It instantly transformed our living room.

I don’t think another brand of lighting could have delivered such an elegant statement piece for our eclectic home. We’ve even had neighbors notice it through our front windows at night and remark on how beautiful and unique it is!”

– Julie DeMaio

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“I was thrilled when I found Tala. We needed a very large chandelier for our super high 20 foot ceilings. I was scouring every possible lighting retailer online and couldn’t find anything in my style and budget. I am also a bit obsessed with lighting (I mean it makes the space after all.)

Not only is it beautiful and really a showstopper in our foyer, but it also didn’t break the bank compared to most multi-pendant chandeliers. I couldn’t be happier with this light.”

– Sabrina Soper

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“We have a two-story stairwell with a modern steel railing that needed a showstopper. I looked at serval long-hanging pendants, but none of them were unique. When I came across the Tala website, I was instantly in love with the unique light bulbs and modern aesthetic. I knew I HAD to have this light fixture! Not only does it look amazing from the inside, we also get to show it off from the outside!”

– Keri Doolittle

“We purchased this light in December 2020 and we have been impressed with how it’s transformed out gallery landing. The delivery of the light was really straight forward especially in Covid times.

Installation (I am told!!) was relatively straight forward and the end result left us open mouthed! Would recommend this to anyone with the space and who wants a show stopping stairway.”

– Jon Stenson 

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“We had recently moved to our forever home and wanted a feature light in the hallway – something with a bit of ‘wow factor’. Due to the pandemic, we had been unable to see anything in person, making it very hard to know if a light would fit the area we needed. But as soon as we saw the Tala website, we knew that this was the light we needed. We needed a feature light that wasn’t too small, too industrial, that looked good from a number of angles, and we wanted something that was energy efficient (since our house had various energy-saving technology).

The Walnut Nine Pendant with Voronoi II was the perfect mix of contemporary with a traditional twist, which suits our style. We’re really happy with the light and have family members calling up to see us, but they actually want to see the light we’ve had fitted!”

– Claire Green

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“When we purchased our home in Washington DC, the first thing we noticed was the living area was in need of a statement light fixture to highlight the 20-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows.

When we came across the Tala Nine Pendant, we immediately knew we had found what we’d been looking for. We chose the Tala brand because of its beautiful hand-crafted LED bulbs that we won’t have to change for years. We’ve received many compliments from our friends and neighbors on the Nine Pendant. One visitor even went as far as to compare it to a work of art!”

– Christine Holman

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Thank you to our wonderful customers for sharing their stories with us.

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