Set the mood

Enjoy a better quality of light with Sphere.

Designed to achieve perfect dimming between warm and cool light, Sphere mimics natural light sources to help you set the right mood in your space.

Dim to Warm

Smooth colour transition 2000K-2800K

Long lifetime

Recommended 15,000hrs lifetime, or 10+ years

High CRI

Consistent colour rendering of more than 90 CRI

Low Flicker

Operating with less than 5% flicker

Dim from cool to warm

Dimming from warm light in the morning to cool light in the afternoon helps you attune to your daily activities.

As night closes in, dim down to warm light again to relax into the evening.

A family affair

Available in four distinct sizes, the Sphere family of bulbs will provide a perfect lighting solution for almost any fixture.

Ranging between 4.6 and 8 Watts, and achieving 250-680 Lumens, these bulbs provide smooth and strong light output, with limited energy use.

Warm to Cool

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