Virgin Hotels, Edinburgh

Virgin Hotels, Edinburgh

This award-winning luxury hotel designed by Glasgow-based architecture and interiors firm ICA Studio stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity in the heart of Edinburgh.

Nestled within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this project seamlessly unites three historic listed buildings, including the India Buildings on Victoria Street. The design weaves the tapestry of Edinburgh's past with modern elements, paying homage to the surrounding architecture. 

The interior design seamlessly marries Virgin's innovative concepts with the splendour of the listed buildings; it is an immersive journey that captures Edinburgh's timeless charm while embracing the finest in contemporary luxury. Boasting an array of bars and restaurants, including the celebrated Commons Club, the hotel offers a dynamic and all-encompassing guest experience. 

The lighting throughout the hotel was designed by Elektra Lighting. Elektra specified all three sizes of our Voronoi bulbs alongside our Graphite Pendants. Grouped together in clusters, they are intersected with industrial chains to create the main lighting feature in the Commons Club restaurant and bar.  

Building Occupant: Virgin Hotels - New Boutique Old Town Hotel | Virgin Hotels Edinburgh 

Architects: ICA Studio - Virgin Hotels Edinburgh | Ica 

Lighting Designer: Elektra Lighting - Elektra - award winning lighting consultants - Elektra Lighting  

Photography: Virgin Hotels Edinburgh and Ica Studio