Furnishing Futures, London

Furnishing Futures, London

Furnishing Futures: Creating Healing Homes for Those in Need

In a remarkable blend of compassion and design, Furnishing Futures is setting a new standard for charitable impact. Founded by social worker and interior designer Emily Wheeler, this innovative charity is dedicated to creating healing homes for women and children escaping domestic abuse. 



Secure and permanent tenancies for social housing come completely unfurnished, often without flooring, painted walls, or essential items, making it difficult for victims to start anew. Furnishing Futures transforms these homes into safe and nurturing spaces using furniture and homewares donations. 



Central to their mission is a commitment to sustainability. Many of the items used in the projects are returns, seconds, ex-showroom pieces, or props that might otherwise contribute to waste. By redirecting these high-quality products from the landfill, Furnishing Futures supports a circular economy while making a profound social impact. Each item, whether donated by top UK interiors brands, stylists, or the local community, plays a vital role in creating a nurturing environment for families to rebuild their lives. 



We at Tala are proud to support Furnishing Futures in their noble mission. As creators of beautiful and sustainable lighting, we understand the power of a well-designed space in transforming lives. Our partnership with Furnishing Futures aligns with our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

To learn more about this fantastic charity, click here to watch our full interview with Emily Wheeler.

For more information about Furnishing Futures and how to support, please visit: furnishingfutures.org