Glowing Gatherings: A Guide To Dining Room Lighting

Glowing Gatherings: A Guide To Dining Room Lighting

Getting your dining room lighting right is essential for creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment that caters for special occasions or day-to-day family gatherings. Here are our recommendations for achieving dining table excellence:  


The Kilter Pendant, our newest addition to the Kilter series, is a great solution for the contemporary home. Suspended above your kitchen island or dining table, the Kilter Pendant achieves an architectural formality alongside a premium, decorative aesthetic. 

TIP: Customise the angle of your Kilter Pendant by adjusting the two parallel cables for linear uniformity or angled irregularity. 

Kilter Pendant


Single Pendants combine our signature pendants with bulbs such as the Oblo, Voronoi, Kilter and Sphere, giving you a broad choice for illuminating the dining room. Displayed as a single fixture or in multiples, they can be precisely positioned over the dining table, highlighting the central gathering point, and the display options are endless.

We have seen customers and interior designers adapt our Pendant Lights to give a touch of individuality to the space. By combining two or more pendants, every seat at the table enjoys an even distribution of light. 

Pictured above is the Enno Pendant Light, fixed to the ceiling and draped down across the angled window, adding a sense of symmetry and visual interest to the room. 

TIP: We offer pre-paired solutions for most of our pendant lights, but if you find a bulb you love, why not create your own pendant/bulb combination by mixing and matching. 


Our Linear Triple Pendants is an exceptional lighting solution for dining rooms, offering both style and functionality. Their uniform design not only adds a contemporary touch but is a ready-made solution that requires a third of the work from your electrician. 

A single Linear Triple Pendant is great for tables seating between 4-6 people, but you can combine two or more for larger spaces. 

TIP: Install our lights with the Recommended Dimmers to customise the level of light you want throughout the day. 


Enhance the intimacy at your dining table with a soft glow that replicates candlelight, courtesy of the Mantle Portable Lamp. Conceived to encourage intimate moments around the dinner table, Mantle has been specifically designed to spread light evenly onto the surface, encouraging sharing of plates as well as ideas.

Mimicking the warm and inviting ambiance traditionally provided by candles, Mantle is available in three colour finishes inspired by the natural tones and textures found on your dining table.

TIP: Take your Mantle lamp outside to enjoy al fresco dining. It's IP44 wet-rating means it can withstand the cooler, wetter months without compromising performance.


Whether you have specific lighting needs or you're looking to create an eye-catching conversation starter for your next dinner party, this is one area of the home you won't want to compromise on. And the best thing about these lighting options is that our bulbs will last 5-15 years, giving you a countless moments to cherish around the dinner table.