Tala Top 5: Blaize's Brands To Follow

Tala Top 5: Blaize's Brands To Follow

Spanning fashion, perfume, furniture and lighting, here are five brands that I think are making waves in their respective industries.

Axel Arigato

A contemporary Swedish fashion brand known for their unique take on streetwear, Axel Arigato can be seen dominating the fashion scene both online and offline.


Le Labo

French for ‘The Laboratory’, Le Labo are a NYC-based perfume brand that disrupt the notion of luxury with their gritty, yet refined aesthetic.



Swedish design brand Sandqvist combine their Scandinavian roots with an uncompromising focus on sustainability to deliver an arresting range of bags, briefcases and accessories.


A European design brand known for contemporary luxury design, Sé’s critically acclaimed ‘Collection IV’ was designed by the renowned Nigerian-American designer Ini Archibong.


WANT Les Essentials

Founded in Montreal by designers Byron and Dexter Peart, WANT Les Essentials explore sustainability through impeccable craftmanship and premium materials to produce items designed to last a lifetime.


Blaize Henry
Brand Communications Manager