Tala And Scp Present 'Under The Arches'

Tala And Scp Present 'Under The Arches'

Yesterday, Tala & SCP opened the doors of ‘Under the Arches’, their one day immersive lighting and furniture exhibition taking place at the heart of the Shoreditch Design Triangle and kicking off this week’s events at London Design Festival.

Situated in the beautifully restored former train station booking office in the heart of East London. This unique venue was the perfect backdrop for the three specially designed room sets featuring carefully curated pairings of lighting and furniture from us and our partners, industry veterans, SCP; and the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our different product ranges in a variety contexts to illustrate each range’s versatility.

Each set focused on showcasing both brands newest product launches and were positioned throughout the transformed arches with the each space joined together by BLOCK, an introspective mirror art installation. Formed of over 1000 light bulbs, the walkway reacted to all those that came into contact with it. The entire piece was masterminded and created by our ingenious Design Team and proved to be a resounding success making the entire space come alive throughout the day and night events.

‘Under the Arches’ also marked the first outing for the Voronoi III bulb, the final instalment of our eponymous Design Collection. The world’s largest sculptural bulb, it champions the mathematical patterns found in nature. This piece especially has been the subject of much focus, as it pushes the boundaries of LED technology and is the embodiment of Tala’s founding mission, Conservation through Beauty. The awe-inspiring cluster that dominated the second arch consisted of 24 of these 40cm bulbs was paired with the Continuous Sofa – Loose Cushion by Faudet- Harrison for SCP.

The recently launched, Porcelain Collection was showcased in two linear formations, the first over a PearsonLloyd for SCP Peggy Workbench and a second illuminating the bar area. This collection explores primary shapes and offers an alternative design aesthetic to the exposed filament look and is a unique antidote to an over industrialised style.

‘The Altar’ featuring the Basalt range, exhibited earlier in the year at Euroluce, was positioned in the first arch and is the outcome of our continued studies into natural forms. Pendants were hung is art-deco inspired clusters and accompanied by their counter-part touch lamp was paired with Philippe Malouin ‘s Group Armchair to create this revenant, tranquil space. ​​

Although a mammoth project that required all members of the team had to get stuck in with lots of very early mornings and even later nights, we think you can agree that the result was absolutely phenomenal and a fantastic way to celebrate Tala’s story so far. The evening’s party wasn’t too shabby either!

And remember, this is just one of our events taking place this week at London Design Festival! So if you missed it, follow the Tala Trail and join the story all this week.

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