Tala In The Bedroom

Tala In The Bedroom

As we continue our focus on the importance of lighting in the bedroom, and it’s impact on our sleep and health, we have asked some our friends to tell us how they light their bedroom spaces.

Oak Apple Decor

“I like to use layers of lighting to create different moods. A central pendant light will illuminate the whole room, while wall, floor and table lamps can be used to create a more relaxed atmosphere; dimmable lamps are great for this purpose. Small pendant lights or decorative bulbs for bedside lighting can be a great space saver.”

Inside Sixty Three

“We use Tala Light Engines for the pendants in our bedroom, as they provide the perfect blend of light to change our mood and make us feel relaxed. With their Dim to Warm technology, they instantly transform the room from a bright, welcoming and functional space, to a cosy haven for a restful ‘lights’ sleep.”

Hello Haus

“Bedrooms are our sanctuaries and spaces of calm, and natural light has a really important role to play in this.

To increase the amount of light in a bedroom, it is best to think about using soft, paler colours on the walls (dark colours will absorb light) and reflective surfaces like mirrors or a soft sheen paint on the ceiling to bounce the light around. Not only is it good for our health but the more light we have the more relaxed we feel”

Jess Rose Parr

“Lighting is crucial for setting the ambience of a bedroom. It’s often overlooked and can make or break the setting. Soft, warm lighting that avoids giving off a glare is the ideal lighting for a bedroom. The frosted Tala bulbs make the room feel cosy and well lit”


“Lighting in any room is hugely important, and it is even more so in a bedroom. Our bedrooms are places to unwind and reflect upon the day but also ones where we wake up and get ready. We need to ensure there is a great balance of light distribution that can be made bright or dimmed when needed. We love the use of the Tala hanging bulbs in this bedroom as it allows us to create a cosy and atmospheric space in the evening when a little bit of light reading is needed before sleep”


“Bedroom lighting is the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing you see at night – so it needs to feel good when you look at it. But it also needs to contribute to ambiance.”

Thanks to our contributors for offering their thoughts and advice on the best way to light your bedroom.