Sustainable Packaging - A Journey

Sustainable Packaging - A Journey

As part of our ongoing mission to limit our impact on the environment, we have spent the past two years reviewing all stages of our product cycle – from design and conception, to material choice, manufacturing processes, shipping and product expiration.

A key component which is often overlooked is packaging. ​

At the beginning of 2020, we set ourselves a challenge to redesign our packaging in a drive to reduce waste, eliminate plastic as much as possible and ensure our products arrive safely to customers without damage or excess weight. ​

Ink heavy, and not always easy to recycle, the simplest yet most effective change to our packaging is the introduction of the humble brown box. Universally recyclable and less resource heavy, this will be rolled out across our entire catalogue of products.

Another feature is padding. To ensure safe delivery of a fragile product, we needed a soft, reliable and eco-friendly option. Here, is where our new biodegradable peanuts were introduced.

We’ll be sharing more updates over the coming months to let you know how we are getting on with revolutionising our packaging. In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, find us on Instagram or Facebook and drop us a message.

Team Tala