California Dreaming: Tala Is Title 20 Approved

California Dreaming: Tala Is Title 20 Approved

We are excited to announce that Tala bulbs are now Title 20 compliant and can be sold in the state of California.

Title 20 is an energy certification established by the CEC (California Energy Commission), requiring manufacturer certification of “self-contained” lighting control devices.

Following a comprehensive testing process, we successfully navigated this phase and received certification in May 2020.

One of the key obstacles to overcome during testing was to achieve both high efficiency and CRI despite the high specifications of our handmade and artisanal glass bulbs. Compared to cheaper and less effective plastic alternatives, common in North America, this proved challenging but it is to the credit of our expert engineering team that we were able to successfully complete this process.

With a number of exciting new product releases scheduled for later this year, we look forward to working even more in California and beyond.

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